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1. 我对事物持悲观态度
2. 10. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之医学奖
3. 3. Deepika Padukone
4. v. 加强,变坚固
5. 单词affected 联想记忆:
6. 1号 what the fuck: “职场辣妈”的新境界


1. Gary Oldman on blistering form as Winston Churchill.
2. Song “Chinese Zodiac” (Lee-Hom Wang)
3. 中国国家统计局发布的10月份制造业采购经理指数(PMI)降至51.6,比路透(Reuters)调查的经济学家给出的预测中值52要低,离荣枯分界线50更近。
4. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's migrant workers account for around 50 percent of the labor force in industrial and related sectors. Yet they don't enjoy equal rights as city dwellers because of household registration requirements.
5. 慈善组织DoSomething.org本周发布了最慈善明星前20的名单,这位23岁的乡村歌手因给美国国家名人堂博物馆捐款400万美元被授予此称号。
6. 民粹主义的兴起(即使在美国和英国这样的就业人数众多的国家也是如此)使得政客们认识到,就业的质量和数量同等重要。


1. 在气候学的史册里,2014年超过了2010年,成为最热的年份。有记录以来的10个最暖年份都是在1997年以后,反映了地球不断变暖的趋势,科学家说,这种变暖是人类活动的结果,并对人类文明和大自然构成了深远的长期危险。
2. Remedy: When we make a major decision such as accepting (or turning down) a job offer, we tend to exercise confirmation bias. If we think we made a good choice, we prioritize information that supports this view and if we fear we’ve made a mistake, we zero in on intel or impressions that reinforce this gut feeling. If you habitually doubt your competence when it comes to making career decisions, the issue is less about the subjective quality of your past choices and more about building confidence in your ability to guide your career in a satisfying direction and exert some degree of control over the outcomes of your choices. Addressing this could involve recalling the circumstances under which you made a particular choice and the priorities you held at the time and noting how they differ from the circumstances and priorities under which you’re evaluating those decisions. It could also involve working with a career coach to identify patterns in your decision-making and to help you bolster areas in which you’d like to increase your confidence – risk taking or negotiation, for example.
3. 台风哈维
4. 让它具有一定的危险性,因为这也会让你的“华生”兴趣盎然。
5. 赢家:湖人
6. 排名:第二


1. 根据《重庆晨报》报道,今年4月24日,这名16岁的周姓同学将农药倒入了教室的饮水机中,显然是在报复扰乱课堂秩序、影响自己学习的同学们。
2. She told The Telegraph: 'I don't feel that normal any more because I get recognised, even when I'm just trying to have fun or going to get ice cream with my friends.
3. 张天羽的作品“非常丰富和完整”,谷歌涂鸦团队领导瑞安·格米克对《华盛顿邮报》表示,“仿佛每片树叶都有生命”。
4. Best chances: It's always hard to bet against Streep getting a best actress nomination, and Hanks is overdue for an acting nomination after missing out in recent years.
5. Song “Chinese Zodiac” (Lee-Hom Wang)
6. "How to tie a tie" was the No. 1 question in 2010, followed by "how to lose weight", "how to kiss" and "how to write a resume."


1. “老实说,我真的不担心。”科比说,“我的投篮会变好的。”
2. 4. 外包就业服务
3. LBS’s programmes consistently rank highly for the extent to which alumni reach their targets. “I managed to achieve not only the goals I set for myself but to exceed them with the job I secured,” says one 2010 MBA graduate who responded to the FT survey.

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