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1. n. 预定,保留意见
2. Local-level work experience will advantageous for applicants, with personnel with more than two years of experience at this level given some advantage.
3. 将学习放在最重要的位置
4. Traders heading for the exits: 'Unsustainable trends can survive much longer than most people anticipate, but they do end when their 'time is up, at the culmination of their time cycles.' They analyzed more than 20 cycles: 'Nearly unanimously point to tectonic shifts in the months and years ahead.'
5. 伦敦商学院课程的一个主要优势是学员来自地域广泛的不同国家。其2015年MBA课程学员的90%来自海外,来自大约60个不同国家。
6. 由于今年是意大利标志性导演米开朗基罗·安东尼奥尼逝世10周年,为向大师致敬,将放映他的13部经典作品--从他的出道作品《某种爱的记录》到1995年的爱情片《云上的日子》。


1. 赖特是英国浪漫主义画派的鼻祖之一。这幅作品从1840年起一直由德比郡的一个家族私藏。考虑到目前的行情,它的最低估价仅为10万英镑,还有一个重要因素是它的拍卖款将用于救济叙利亚难民。结果,至少有三位竞拍人把价格推高至66.5万英镑(含佣金)。
2. Take targeted policies to cut excess urban real estate inventory
3. Last week, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said that the former first lady's shortlist of potential running mates will include women, quickly leading to speculation that Clinton will consider Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a popular progressive, for an all-female ticket.
4. 狼和狗有何不同?
6. Song “Fire In The Winter”(Kenji Wu and Dream Chorus)


1. The below are 5 companies that stand out from the rest and are startups to watch in 2014.
2. improvement
3. Hurricane Irma
4. China Poised to Claim Half of Global Online Game Market, Report Says
5. demo人民+-ic…的→民主的,民主主义的;民主政体的
6. exposed


1. Scientists may be working hard at making organs that match the body's capabilities, but why stop there?
2. "If it (transforming the economic development mode) only results in empty talk instead of being implemented, then economic development cannot be promoted in a sound and rapid way, and may even not be sustained." LI YIZHONG, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former minister of industry and information technology
3. Some 88 Chinese universities are included in the Global 400 subjects in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject, which was released Tuesday by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a higher education research firm.
4. 她的亲妹妹莱克西经常装扮成电影中艾丽莎的妹妹、安娜公主,和姐姐一起同台演出,当莱克西抽不出时间的时候,她的好朋友们也会来帮忙。
5. Roles With Bite
6. We will advance reforms in the financial sector.


1. Sixty-one percent of Chinese college students who graduated in 2014 are satisfied with their current jobs, a survey has revealed.
2. 单词continuous 联想记忆:
3. At the end of a politically charged ceremony in which Donald Trump was the subject of frequent jokes by host Jimmy Kimmel, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that La La Land had won. But as the producers and cast of Damien Chazelle’s modern musical were on stage giving emotional thank you speeches, they were told that Moonlight was the real winner.

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    Exports had risen in renminbi terms last month as well, up 5.9 per cent. But when valued in dollars they grew only 0.1 per cent year on year to $196.8bn. Still, that was well above expectations of a 5 per cent fall after contraction had softened somewhat in October to 7.3 per cent.

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    TAXES: Approximately $16,866 in 2014

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    No students or teachers drank the poisoned water, the report said.

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    Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Louie Anderson, “Baskets”