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1. criminal
2. 高位且不断上升的美国利率可能很快成为新兴市场危机的驱动因素:此类条件可能导致新兴市场借贷成本升高,还有资本外流以及金融部门冒险意愿下降。
3. 美国航天局(Nasa)表示,2015年气温以0.13摄氏度之差,打破了2014年创下的记录。
4. About 60 per cent have not yet worked and a further 30 per cent have less than two years’ experience.
5. The University of Tokyo (22nd) and Kyoto University (35th) have maintained their positions as the leading universities in Asia.
6. The Lost Tomb


1. 相比之下,沪股市盈率为12.6倍。这反映出A股和H股的巨大价差(37%)。在经历2015年的跌宕起伏之前,二者价差更多时候处于20%以下——暗示H股指数大有上行空间。诚然,H股指数并不代表中国“新经济”中最好的部分,特别是银行股占比偏大。增长预测十分惨淡。然而,在预期已经如此糟糕的情况下,很难想象还能坏得哪里去。即使是受产能过剩困扰的地产业也在逐渐走出低迷。
2. Be Professional
3. Format: Classes meet every other week from Friday through Sunday in Evanston, IL, or once a month from Thursday afternoon through Sunday noon in Miami, FL
4. ['b?d?it]
5. 6. 谷歌搜索广告关键词规划工具
6. [kɑ:st]


1. n. 能力,容量,容积; 资格,职位
2. So take a look. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I liked selecting and editing them.
3. Company: Samasource
4. There are merely citizens whose choices not only may, but surely will, change.
5. 7.无人机
6. ‘The Americans’ Set in the Reagan era, this FX series is nearly as deceptive as KGB agents posing as suburban American couple: In its second season, “The Americans” proved to be a drama about love, family, friendship and mistrust disguised as a Cold War thriller.


1. n.
2. Online registration will end on Oct. 24. The exam will be held on Nov. 27 in major Chinese cities.
3. 单词urban 联想记忆:
4. 我国近日发行的2016年猴票同样由黄永玉创作。面值为每张1.2元钱,也颇受关注。在正式发布之前,收集者已经在邮局外排起了长队。
5. It is interpreted that in general, college education facilitates a long-term income advantage.
6. But I know your generation, unlike any other generation in the past, is most eager to look at life differently. So as you leave school, I offer you a list of some obvious-yet-vastly-ignored truths that may help you look at life a little differently than just a series of paychecks:


1. v. 引导,指挥,管理
2. We asked the Dachis Group, a social media measurement agency, to tell us which brands got the biggest increases in consumer love, and which lost the most ground.
3. Gov. Ricardo Rossello, 37, proposed several measures aimed at alleviating the crisis shortly after he was sworn in at midnight. Among them is a proposal to hold a referendum that would ask voters whether they prefer statehood or independence. Many have argued that Puerto Rico’s political status has contributed to its decade-long crisis that has prompted more than 200,000 people to flee to the U.S. mainland in recent years.

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    With Chrysler's market share in a death spiral, Fiat will finally grasp that this dud is exactly that - a dud. By autumn, Fiat will threaten to walk away from Chrysler unless the UAW and U.S. taxpayer offer up even more concessions.

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