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1. em进入,brace胳膊-拥抱
2. ['?mnesti]
3. 总部位于广东的房地产开发企业碧桂园集团现年35岁的女继承人杨惠妍以485亿元的身家紧随其后。
4. 输家:尼克斯
5. n. 游艇,快艇 vi. 驾快艇
6. The sharp decline in unemployment will start to seem real


1. Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year! May the season bring much pleasure to you.
2. [.?:θ?rai'zein]
3. n. 名人,名誉,社会名流
4. Whedon had always loved the seemingly separate ideas of sci-fi and westerns, and through The Killer Angels, he saw a way to combine them. "I wanted to play with that classic notion of the frontier," he said. "Not the people who made history, but the people history stepped on—the people for whom every act is the creation of civilization." And Whedon decided to set the frontier on a spaceship: a ship named Serenity.
5. engaged
6. 周二在上海举办的中国国际机器人产业发展高峰论坛称,2017年,工业机器人的销量和增速均创新高。在这些工业机器人当中,有37825台为国产制造,同比增长29.8%。


1. 8.Suicide Squad
2. China’s tourism administration issued a notice on Friday confirming reports that Chinese travellers had been denied entry to South Korea’s Jeju island in recent months for holding incomplete travel documentation. It reminded citizens to “select travel destinations with caution”.
3. 单词credit 联想记忆:
4. 质检总局副局长梅克保说道:“各级质量监督部门必须加强质量监督、继续打击违法行为,从而提高产品质量、保护消费者的权利。”
5. 有趣的是,一项调查发现,31.8%的受访者认为北京是中国最拥堵的城市,而8.8%的人则认为郑州是中国最拥堵的城市。
6. Best chances: Sally Hawkins is only a fraction behind current best actress favorite Frances McDormand.


1. “这可是短期内的大幅跃升:当我还是内政部长时仅有30个案例,今天则是1400。”
2. 单词eccentric 联想记忆:
3. The ranking is based on surveys of the business schools and their graduates of 2013. MBAs are assessed according to the career progression of alumni, the school’s idea generation and the diversity of students and faculty.
4. 谷歌2017全球搜索排名前十
5. Nineteen buildings disappeared in the space of 10 seconds after being demolished by a controlled explosion in China yesterday.
6. Most popular vehicle


1. Such borrowing is predicated in part on the assumption that by decontextualizing a style you also strip it of any possible negative implications: military, dynastic, what have you. It becomes an aesthetic form that exists on its own terms, as opposed to one that symbolizes all sorts of complicated societal or political convulsions.
2. Will Washington's tentative truce continue?
3. 维多利亚的秘密内衣秀刚刚拉开华丽巨幕,今年的秀也是有史以来最奢华复杂的一次。

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    Payouts also varied substantially between industries and cities. The average bonus at financial institutions was over Rmb17,200, while those in the education sector got less than half of that on average at less than Rmb7,500.

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    The 2014 ranking of 100 programmes for working senior executives is headed by Trium, runby HEC Paris, the London School of Economics and Stern School of Business at New York University. The top five places continue to be dominated by intercontinental EMBAs.

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    While D'Aloisio spends 80 percent of his work time retooling and improving Summly (which has already been integrated into Yahoo!'s iPhone app), the other 20 percent is devoted to imagining the expansive challenges he'll take on next. He predicts there will be summarization programs that do for video what Summly does for the written word. He has grand thoughts about using technology to aid learning and would like to help fellow autodidacts while disrupting the old educational models.

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    Most observers would think the single-aisle Comac C919’s first flight last May (pictured) is illustrative of this, but while it is a key milestone, it does not represent the whole story about what is happening in the industry. Two other events are much more telling.

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    5. Hong Kong, China-A junk boat set against the famous skyline might be the iconic shot of Hong Kong, but Lonely Planet picked the territory for its natural heritage miles away from Victoria Harbor.